About CAC Services

CAC Services provides a direct visit to the home or place of business of individuals who are delinquent in their payments on real estate, motor vehicles and credit cards.
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What we do ?

CAC Services invests in our systems, processes, and personnel to provide a better product in the industry. This approach allows us to efficiently conduct face-to-face meetings with customers, borrowers, and associates and get RESULTS -making CAC Services the logical choice for lenders and companies requiring field contact services.

In the CAC Services online system, security and confidentiality of data is paramount. We understand that the financial services industry requires extensive protection of customer data, so we invested in building an operating platform that provides the best possible security. We employ unique username and passwords, database encryption, physical plant security, and much more to maintain and protect customer data. CAC Services employs highly experienced and credentialed IT personnel to ensure information is protected 24/7. Our redundant platform and catastrophic back-up system ensures our clients of uninterrupted access to our systems to increase your efficiency and effectiveness.

CAC Services is constantly refining and improving our processes based on customer feedback. We customize our system to meet our client’s needs. Most importantly of all, our processes always include a relationship with a key account manager for our client to rely on.

The typical CAC Services employee has over 12 years of experience in field services, banking or collections industries. We know that nothing replaces experience in helping us understand what our clients need. Our hands on management approach coupled with extensive industry experience simply yields better results.