CAC Services provides a direct visit to the home or place of business of individuals who are delinquent in their payments on real estate, motor vehicles and credit cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CAC Services coverage area?

The United States. Obviously, some remote or rural areas are difficult or impossible to cover. However, we do cover the vast majority of the country. The percentage of requests that we cannot cover is very low. If you would like information about specific locations, give us a call.

What is a typical "field contact" or "door-knock" like?

The first thing to understand is that CAC Services allows our clients to customize the service we provide to meet their needs. Of course CAC Services agents are required to follow all Federal, State and local laws, and CAC Services will not accept money, but beyond that our clients can specify the actions our agents should take on field chase assignments. That being said, a typical field chase for an auto lender client would be an in-person contact by a CAC Services agent at the address provided by a client - either a residence or employment address - where the agent will attempt to personally contact the customer, gather updated contact information such as phone numbers and addresses, attempt to immediately put the customer on the telephone with the lender, encourage the customer to stay in contact with the lender, and obtain any other information available that has been requested by the lender. Our clients use this service to gather information, reestablish communication with their customer and do everything possible to avoid a default or repossession.

For other kinds of field contacts, CAC Services agents will complete required vehicle inspections, asset verifications, property or business inspections, or document signings as instructed.

Are the agents that conduct the field contacts and inspections qualified?

Every agent must pass a criminal background check and be FDCPA compliant to conduct our field contact orders. CAC Services does frequent on-going testing of agent to ensure the highest quality work.

Is CAC Services licensed and insured?

CAC Services is a licensed business that carries General Liability insurance and E&O insurance for the protection of our clients.

Can CAC Services collect cash?

CAC Services will not collect cash or check payments in the field. CAC Services is not a collection agency. While it might be tempting for a lender to ask us to collect cash, we do not believe that is in the best interests of CAC Services or our lender/client's. CAC Services cannot assume the risk of delivering the cash or check payment and frankly, we believe it does not serve lenders long term best interests to pick up payments for their customers. Instead, we gather information, facilitate communication, encourage or assist customers in contacting their lender, and report the facts back to our client.