At CAC Services, your company's success is our success.


CAC Services provides three primary services designed to help auto lenders efficiently manage their business:

Field Contact. CAC Services is the leader in auto loan related account management experience. Our management team has decades of experience working for the top auto finance institutions in the country and we know what it takes to resolve customer problems. We know there is nothing more important than making contact with clients quickly so that your customer's account can be corrected, losses avoided, and your collectors can move on to other accounts. Putting borrowers in direct contact with lenders is critical to resolving account problems, and CAC Services' agents attempt to get your customer on the phone with you every time.

Vehicle Inspections. Basic or Detailed inspections that help auto lenders and lessors manage repossessions, off-lease vehicles, impounded vehicles and insurance claims.

Repossession Agency Inspections. Site inspection of repo agencies for compliance and vendor management purposes. Our inspectors report gather over 60 important data points and 18 required photographs of repossession agents businesses and their locations, enabling lenders to satisfy regulatory compliance requirements.